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Thomas Bomstad

Thomas Bomstad - Artist Elegant

Independence, MO


My father was a professional Photographer and so picture taking has always been a part of my life. About the time Pop retired, I took up the camera, he gave me his darkroom gear and I off I went, burning rolls and rolls of film. I spent most of my early years (both in life and photography) learning how to do things the wrong way, and then ( I think ) the right way. Those experiences have helped evolve both my inherited talent and influenced my view of Life, the Universe and, well, everything.

Black and White Film Photography is my passion, and while Color has been pushing its way into my life both though both film and digital, B&W FILM will always be my preferred method of visual communication. Film photography requires the photographer to actually have skills beyond the push of a button or mouse. The lack of many colors creates an image that allows the viewer think about the image, to see beyond the obvious, the visual, to get a "feel" for what the picture is trying to communicate to them.

Color, especially Digital color, seems too easy, too "regular" too possible for anyone with any digital camera to get that one-in-a-million shot, while Film offers a way for me to be more connected to the image. Digital image is a "capture" while a film image is a "Photograph". And while this issue will be "arguable" forever, we will see who's images are usable in 50 years - my negatives in plastic or paper sleeves, and digital captures on a disc or hard drive after back-up and back-up, etc.

So I shoot Film for keepers and Digi for the shots that demand speed and color to make it work.

I hope you enjoy my efforts and thanks for stopping by!



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